Turf Tek Lawn & Landscape “Custom-Quality.”

Founder and President, Dustin Young, founded a lawn & landscape company in 1996 known to many as One Guy & a Mower.  Due to the growth of the company, in 2001 Turf Tek Lawn & Landscape replaced the name of One Guy & a Mower.  After all, it doesn’t make much sense to call yourself One Guy & a Mower if you’ve got more than one guy!  The only thing that changed though was the name.  When we say “Custom-Quality” that’s what we mean.   We are a full service firm offering a wide variety of services that are custom tailored to your needs.  Our services range from: mowing, landscape design and installation, irrigation, power washing, aeration and verti-cutting, fall clean-ups, retaining walls, accent lighting, finish grading, shrub trimming, landscape renovation, new lawn installation, and more!  If it involves the exterior of your home or office, we do it!  Our unsurpassed quality and close attention to detail still remains today just like it did back then.  Founder and President, Dustin Young, is a 2002 graduate of Lee’s Summit High School.  After graduating Dustin enrolled in the Horticulture and Agribusiness program at Metropolitan Community College’s Longview Campus.  Having taken these classes, Dustin passes along the latest and most up to date green industry practices and know how to you.


Your home and its landscape are one of your biggest investments.  At Turf Tek Lawn & Landscape this is something we take very seriously.  This should be important to anyone choosing a landscape maintenance firm. Many home owner insurance policies specifically exclude damage caused by uninsured contractors hired by the home owner.  You can rest assured knowing that Turf Tek Lawn & Landscape is fully licensed and insured for your protection.

Choose a Grass Type that Thrives in your Climate

The right type of grass–one that suits your needs and likes the local weather–will always give better results. Grasses vary in the type of climate they prefer, the amount of water and nutrients they need, their resistance to pests, their tolerance for shade, and the degree of wear they can withstand. (more…)

Shrubs for Fall Foliage

Arrowwood Viburnum (Viburnum dentatum) – Zones 2-8. This viburnum will grow 6-10′ tall and wide, and is a popular choice for fall foliage color in the landscape. Like most viburnums, Arrowwood is easy to grow in a wide variety of garden conditions and will tolerate full sun to part shade. White flowers provide spring beauty and summer fruit attracts birds to the garden. This viburnum Fall color will have yellow to orange or burgundy-red fall colors, adding lots of beauty to the autumn garden. (more…)